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William Kuechenberg

      To answer your first question, it's pronounced "koochin-burg."

      To answer your second question, yes, I'd love to write for you! Originally from outside of Chicagoland, I have an inexhaustible Midwestern work ethic, an intimate familiarity with poverty, and a really harsh Chicago accent. I write in many different genres, though I have a particular penchant for magical-realist quasi-surrealist stories taking place in richly realized worlds. My other great love is writing comedy: I would describe my comedic style as a rich, satisfying, chocolatey core of easily-digestible lowbrow humor with a candy coating of smart jokes and esoteric references. 

     My passion for storytelling drives me. I've won several awards for my writing and filmmaking. Currently I write comedy professionally with Cracked.com as a columnist. My long-term goal is to be writing staff on a television program, and from there to eventually become a showrunner. 

     Let's make something together. 





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